Life of a Gluten Free Girl

Fun exciting tasty gluten free food

Emily’s Tips for fellow Gluties

Emily’s tips on how to survive gluten free diet:

  1. Always have an exit plan, know where toilets are located at all times, keep peppermint tea and a hot pack in your hand bag. NO NO NO, that was life before knowing you were glutie. Now that we know, we are happy little campers!!
  2. Always always always check the labels. Yes, this means you are going to be one of those people who stand in the middle of the supermarket inspecting the labels. I promise you this process will get easier.
  3. Regularly check packaged food to ensure that the ingredients haven’t changed. Sometimes the big food companies like to play tricks on us gluties and sneak gluten into products that weren’t in there previously or vice versa.
  4. If you are out and ever in doubt that food might contain gluten. STEP AWAY! I don’t care how hungry or drunk you are…the side effects are not worth it, but you already knew that.
  5. Don’t get angry at the waiter who doesn’t know what gluten is, I agree they should know but getting angry at them won’t help.  Always kindly ask them to consult the chef. If the chef doesn’t know, then you can get angry.
  6. Call up the restaurant before attending. Saves time and gives you an opportunity to change venues if they do not cater for gluties.
  7. When you cook for non gluties, don’t go on about how the meal is gluten free. They will judge it before trying. Let them enjoy it before telling them (my dad is the worst non glutie).
  8. The final and I think the most important tip. Never stop trying. If your first attempt at cooking a gluten free meal isn’t successful don’t give up. The more you cook with a variety of gluten free products the more confident you will become with the texture and the better you will get. I promise you that. My first attempt at boiling gluten free pasta was a nightmare. I remember throwing the pot in the sink and being a sooky la la on my parent’s kitchen floor. IMG_7143[1]

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